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Do not attempt to do a thing unless you are sure of yourself, but do not relinquish it simply because someone else is not sure of you. – Stewart E. White

Boy did this ever speak to me when I read it. How often have I looked outwardly for direction. Too often. When I didn’t get the “go ahead” from people I love and trust, I gave up the idea. Well, if they think I can’t – it must be true. I was definitely addicted to the approval of others.
I have learned over the years that the only approval I truly need is my own. My dad passing away was the hardest lesson in this. I used to depend far too much on his feedback for direction in my life. After he was gone, I had no choice but to turn inward and say “ok Liz, do YOU feel good about this?” It took me a few years before I could really recognize my own internal signs. I was clueless as to how to know whether something was intuitively right for me or not.
What I discovered was that I often made choices that pleased others, and found that I wasn’t living authentically and choosing things that made me feel alive. Invariably the choices I made left me feeling empty inside. It took a lot of soul searching to first find, and then listen to, my voice, not the voice of people I cared for.
The most amazing thing is that most of the people I was trying to please over the years didn’t blink an eye when I would tell them of my personal goals. They were quite positive, and supportive. My inner dialogue would go crazy as I scolded myself for not choosing for me a lot sooner. “Liz, people don’t judge as harshly as you think. They just want you to be happy.” Wow, what a revelation that was. The burden of “what will people think” was lifted more and more with each positive experience.
Another moment of awareness came when I realized my goals were not just “crazy thoughts”. The “crazy thoughts” are there for a reason. When I first thought of public speaking as a career my head said “Liz, that’s insane. Forget it!” But the ideas wouldn’t leave me alone. Poke poke… do it. Nudge nudge… you need to teach people. Over and over in my daily thoughts and in my dreams these thoughts kept reoccurring. Everything I read or watched on TV would say “Liz you must do this.”
Ironically, more often than not now, the only approval I don’t fully have is my own! Little niggling doubts are part of the process, and I usually can push past them and hold on to the bigger picture.
I am always grateful for the people in my life who have been in my corner over the years. Today I have a greater appreciation when I realize I am on-board with my own dreams. There is nothing more powerful than to say “I can do this!” with every ounce of who you are. That kind of energy puts the wheels in motion, and there’s just no stopping!

How can you harness your own sense of self-approval in order to push forward and create what you want in your life? It starts and ends with you.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. – Abraham Lincoln

Last night, I went swimming with one of my best friends and her two children. We had a blast in the water, working off the calories of a big meal.
When we were getting changed after the swim, we met Katie. Katie is about 5, and a spunky gal. She was singing and dancing in the change room, and I said “you are going to be a singer when you grow up.”
She turned to me and said, “I am going to do everything and be everything when I grow up.”
My first thought was, “wow that’s awesome!”. My second thought was “your parents are doing the right thing.”
Katie went on to describe all the things she was able to do on her own, without her mom’s help. She was very matter of fact about all of it, and smiled all the way through. She was clearly proud of herself and rightfully so.
We all had that kind of confidence at that age. Kids now who they are and where they want to be. They don’t question it. It is what it is. No fear. Just “do” and “be”. When I was Katie’s age I didn’t have the ability or awareness to analyze all the things that could go wrong when I tried something new. I just did it, and felt proud afterward, whether I did it perfectly or not.
Katie made me realize that so many of us don’t celebrate what we have done, in order to move forward to the next thing. Fear of being “too much” has stopped me from saying “hey Liz, you did xyz this year, isnt that awesome?” There is merit in acknowledging these things and saying, what next? What will I challenge myself to do this year? What will feed my spirit and help others?
What a fantastic way to start the new year. Believing that we can do everything and be everything. Definitely a “beyond limits” mindset that can create positive things in our lives.

What are your goals for 2012? You truly can be and do everything you set your mind to.

“Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends.” – Mary Catherwood

“He doesn’t understand me.”

“We don’t get on like we used to.”

“I don’t know why we drifted apart after all those years.”

“We are family, yet we never really ‘connect’”

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day hectic pace of living, and find ourselves lost in the shuffle. But it really doesn’t take long to reconnect. A ten minute walk in the park with a friend appreciating nature can refuel a person and remind them of what is important. A cup of coffee and a half hour “how are you, REALLY?” chat can repair months of misunderstandings.
A simple email saying, “I think we got off track.” can reunite old friends who have let the tangled thread of misunderstanding erode a good friendship.
These are very simple gestures that require a person to say, hey, what’s more important? Being right, or being connected to people that I care about? I have done this a lot in the last year, and have found that people are far more loving, forgiving and accepting than I imagined. I always expect rejection and judgment, and am pleasantly gifted with love and understanding. More often than not, I have let too much time pass before the light bulb went on, yet still, have been fortunate to re-establish connections that I once treasured and nurtured.
Very recently I was in contact with my Dad’s sister and brother-in-law. My aunt and uncle. We talked and laughed about old times. It brought back a piece of my Dad to me, hearing my Aunt’s stories and smiling about crazy experiences. I finally understood, at a deeper level, how important connections are. Not only do they unite people in the present, they re-establish memories of loved ones who are no longer here. Seven years had passed between seeing them this time. I promised myself that this lapse of time would not happen again.
Reconnecting. Intimacy. Sharing. Risks. All things that I learn through trial and error, and the grace, love and acceptance of those around me. I am beyond blessed.
How can you transform the relationships with yourself and others, by practicing simple ways of reconnecting? You will be rewarded for your efforts, way beyond what you ever expected.

Gratitude for many things this year:
For friends who have stuck by me over the years and taught me so many things.
For the transformative power of forgiveness.
For laughter… till I nearly fell off my chair, or really needed a Depends.
For memories of loved ones, who are no longer here.
For a growing sense that I am ok just as I am.
For family and the power of reconciliation.
For tears as I grow through the hard times.
For smiles when I am through the hard times, and stronger for it.
For emails that come to me at the right time, giving me just what I needed to read.
For friends and connections that are back in my life. You re-entered at the exact time I needed you there.
For the simple realization that giving at Christmas does not have to mean gifts.
For my weight loss group who have stood by me as I learned to appreciate who I am regardless of the number on the scale.
For those who encourage my crazy side and let me be silly and childlike.
For my serenity hour in the pool every day, and the warm water that absorbs my daily stress.
For friends and acquaintances in Toastmasters who inspire me to give more and be more in speeches, and in life.
For those who have inspired me to pursue new dreams and push forward toward them, even when, and especially when, I am scared.
For the gift of people’s time and energy when I needed it most.
For opportunities to love and give back what has been so freely given to me.

For all of you who take the time to read my thoughts here – I appreciate it.

Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday with love, happiness and success in 2012.

What are you grateful for this Christmas, and how can you carry that through the next year?

Do you speak up when you get the inner nudge to say something? Or do you silence yourself, in order to keep the peace?

Sometimes silence is the answer. At other points, we need to speak up and say what’s on our minds. The key, as with anything in life, is to weigh the positives and negatives, and find your own balance.

If you are anything like me, you can often complicate the process by imagining all sorts of outcomes, and conjuring up all sorts of fears before you say word one. You can have the entire conversation in your head before you even say, “hello, can we talk?”

What stops us from freely communicating and clearing the air? Fear. Fear of offending someone. Fear of abandonment. Fear that once we start expressing ourselves, we might ramble on for days. Fear that we will be challenged or rejected for our opinions.

Truth is, when we take the risk and voice a concern it frees us from the worry and fretting that keeps us up at night. Once a concern is out there in the open, it can be dealt with proactively. Using your words and your voice to improve a situation can never go wrong. “Keeping the peace” by not honoring ourselves can ironically create the opposite of peace.

Something I find very powerful in choosing to use my voice is the simple thought that “I matter.” I matter – but not to the exclusion of the other person or people involved. I am an equal, who can choose to voice my opinions tactfully and gracefully. To do anything less in any relationship is a definite compromise of my values.

I also have to remember that not everyone wants to communicate at the level that I find comfortable for myself. So in that sense, I can choose to adjust and meet people half way. The beauty is, I can still honor myself in any dynamic when I consider the other person’s views and act accordingly.

How can you honor yourself and say “I matter” in your interactions with others? It can be done gently while maintaining peace in all your relationships.

In the past few weeks I have tried to connect, albeit unsuccessfully, with many people via the phone. Remember that old device, the one that doesn’t have texting ability or camera options?
We have become far too dependent on technology to communicate for us. My first awareness of this was when I received an email from a friend requesting that I call her. I read the email twice before saying, “this is too much!”. In the time that she emailed me we could have been chatting on the phone. I nearly wanted to lunge into the computer screen and reach out and figuratively “touch” her.
This is definitely a sign of the times. Technology has helped us connect quickly, but often it is too quick for my tastes. I have been “off the grid” at home now for quite some time. Friends asked me if I was depressed when I let go of internet AND tv. No, I am reconnecting to what I find important. I get a lot more done in my time outside of work. I find myself doing things that are creative, on a regular basis, whether that be cook a different meal, bake something new, make a card for a friend. Write a blog entry. :)
I find myself more connected… .to myself. I know that might sound weird, but internet and TV has often been my zone out tools. When I don’t want to deal with something, or just want to escape for a while, on goes the technology, and off goes my brain. I find I am exercising more, and eating out of boredom less, which makes the scale and myself quite happy.
There are certainly benefits to connecting to others via the technological world, but I find that connecting to friends on a more personal level is what I have been missing lately. That face-to-face, don’t have to guess at the tone of your email, and hey I can hug you right now, till you can’t breathe, with my arms, not brackets around your name… kind of contact is what I really love. I crave it. A part of me suffers without it, to be totally honest.
I love hearing laughter and seeing people gasp for breath, it certainly overpowers the experience of a well-typed series of lmaos and LOLs in an email. Similarly, when someone is angry, or sad, or just plain goofy, I love being in the moment with them, and experiencing the humanness of that. There is nothing better than real connection.
How can you find more ways to connect with others that don’t involve technology? You’ll be surprised what it does for your mental health and sense of belonging.

Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top. – Virginia Woolf

Two years ago I was living my dream, helping people by just being myself and sharing my experiences. I was the happiest I had ever been. I felt alive and I knew that every step on my path was for a purpose. To help others become accessible to their inner power, and see their own greatness. To see a lightbulb go on, as an attitude or perception was challenged gave me pure glee.
Money was a concern, so I ended the business and thought the dream was over. I still had the passion in me, but I let it slide to the backburner. I half convinced myself that the purpose was done, that I had nothing left to share with others.
While on holidays recently and wrestling with timing, people asked me about my workshops, and my public speaking again. Sparks flew as I reminisced about that time of my life. Hey maybe the dream doesn’t have to die. I can find other avenues to make it happen.
For starters I am doing speeches at Toastmasters to brush up on my skills again. It’s not too late, I can still make this happen. It will take a different form, but I will still make a difference through teaching.
I am researching different options and feeling quite lost at the moment. I know that this is temporary as I find my way. I keep getting “you have to do it!” messages from my gut, and from people in my life. It’s okay if I feel a bit scattered while I try to get the pieces together. Of course I want it all to slide together effortlessly. Ha! Anything worth pursuing will make me chase after it a bit. :)
I remember listening to a speaker talk about how he started a book 5 years ago, and still has yet to finish it. His perspective was he had to take the time he did, in order to learn more about the topic, and share from a real, authentic place. There are no mistakes in timing, he said.
There are no mistakes in timing. Huh. Just what I needed to remember! Imagine that!
How can you keep your dream alive by remembering that everything happens in its own time? Letting go of timing, and holding on to trust can help you let go of the limits you have set on your heart’s dreams!

I’m guilty of extraordinary naivete, I suppose. But it’s a naivete that I really don’t want to abandon, not even now. – Jock Sturges

Growing up, my sister always has said to me, “Liz you are far too trusting. Make people earn your trust.”
She has a point. I am very trusting. Sometimes it works out. Other times I have growing pains. I think the times I trust without it being warranted, or earned, something is being worked out within me.

What is being worked out? Well, many things. It’s a pretty good indicator where I am at on the “Liz deserves…” scale. I have learned that I tolerate things from others to the extent that I treat myself in “less than deserving” ways. I am not proud of this discovery, but it gives me a frame of reference and I can improve on this. I also have to remind myself that I have actually improved in this area. Change takes time, and time takes time. Gee, maybe a little more gentleness and compassion for myself is a side-lesson in this? :)

I also discover that my intuition about people is 99% right most of the time. It’s when I let self-doubt creep in that I get into trouble. I can see red flags within the first one or two interactions with someone. Then I often play devil’s advocate, and sometimes choose wrongly to invest in connections with people, rather than keep them at arm’s length. I believe all people are good people; some are just not good for me to interact closely with. People show you the first time what they are about. It’s my choice whether I believe them that first time, or if I go around the same issue time and time and time again.

Sometimes I blindly accept and trust others out of a need for companionship and reducing loneliness. I went for lunch with a new friend on the weekend. Through sharing her experiences, she confirmed for me that quality of friends is better than quantity. “It’s okay to say ‘no’ to certain people, in order to say ‘yes’ to ourselves” is the pearl that this new friend gave me in that conversation. We haven’t known each other long by any means but there is a sense that we have traveled a lot of the same steps when it comes to figuring out where we stand in our lives and what we have experienced. I always feel better after we meet. Perhaps that’s a good gauge to use as far as trusting people is concerned. How do I feel around them? Empowered and centered or lowly and scattered?

Gratitude is another thing that I find myself in the midst of when I learn another lesson and peel off another layer of an old wound that needs healing. Trust issues are one of my major wounds. People come into my life to help me heal this. I absolutely realize that while I do trust easily, I am still a decent person that believes in people. I forget that the person on the other end of the relationship also has responsibility in the equation. They have their lessons to learn as well. It’s not all my fault. They chose me as much as I chose them, and will come to their own awarenesses in all of this.

Trusting myself is the bottom line here. The more I am rooted in my own truth, and not letting outside factors of people pleasing and loneliness dictate my actions, the more balanced I will be in trust versus naivete.

How can you discern better when to trust others, and when to keep them at arm’s length? Trusting yourself leads to a life that has less limits around trust issues.

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