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Self care

You can’t give what you don’t have. How very true is that?

If I am running around giving my energy to everyone and everything around me, I eventually lose me. I’ll be “3-effed” before too long — frazzled, frustrated and fed-up. We are taught to give to others, but how many of us give to ourselves first?

Giving to ourselves first can be the best gift we can give to others. Without a solid foundation within ourselves, we start running on empty pretty quick. Before you know it, we are drained. Life sucks. We start to feel resentful.

What would happen if we took care of our needs first, then gave to others? It’s the age-old story of the oxygen mask on the airplane about to do an emergency landing. Put your mask on first, then help someone else. Sounds reasonable. Sounds logical. It’s basic, but many of us forget the basics as we go through life.

Get back to the basics. Take a break. Give your self a small gift. Eat something sinful. Go for a walk. Sleep in. Do a puzzle. Take time to read. Whatever fuels you, take time to do it. These moments of giving to yourself will change your perspective greatly.

You’ll feel naturally fulfilled, and you won’t depend on others to meet your needs. You will develop the confidence that you can do things for yourself, and make yourself happy. When we give to ourselves first, we can act from a centered place and not have unrealistic expectations of other people. You’ll become more inner directed. You might even discover that the people you ran yourself ragged for, are fully capable of taking care of themselves!

Self-care is a mindset. It requires letting go of ideas of selfishness, and redefining self-care as an act of self-preservation and love. Self-care is an act of balanced living. Honoring ourselves and practicing self-care gives us the energy to pass on that kindness to others, from a place of overflow, and abundance.

Give to yourself first, then others. Self-care gives your friends and family the gift of seeing a more fulfilled, happy and balanced you.