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On the weekend, a friend and I went to Gimli to enjoy the day, and celebrate my birthday.
We walked along the boardwalk, and saw a gal wearing a shirt that said: I like booze, shoes and boys with tattoos.
True to form, she was wearing funky shoes, and had a boy with tattoos on her arm.
I giggled and my friend and I both agreed that you have to advertise in order to get what you want in life.
Truthfully I am beyond the booze, shoes, and tattoos. But, do I “advertise” what I want? Honestly, I am not that bold at times.
It is so true though, that I have to know what I want before it will come to me. In some areas, I know exactly what my dreams are. Other areas, I am still hazy. Afraid to really go for what I want, is likely a more honest description than “I am hazy.”
Since the profound sighting of the booze shoes and tattoos shirt, I have noticed that I fight with myself A LOT when it comes to stating what I want, and just putting it out there. I am now blatantly aware that this is only going to prolong things. I have been working at being clear, and positive in the pursuit of “Lizzie’s wish list”. Heck, if I don’t go for it, who will?
It’s interesting to me also that I have a lot of confidence in job areas, and not so much confidence in relationships. Lots of confidence in health areas and remaining healthy, and not so much confidence in taking risks like moving to a different country.
The battle within only points to areas where I can improve my relationship with myself and instead of saying “Not for me” or “Never me.”, start saying (and believing) “Why not me!!” and “Of course I can!!”
Even more interesting is – when I get a glimpse of what it would be like to have more of what I want in life, my mind starts conjuring up all sorts of reasons why it won’t work, won’t last, won’t won’t won’t…!!!
Crazy? Yes. Doomed to be this way forever? Nope. We all have the ability to correct ourselves and let go of the fear behind this crazy mind battle.
We are more powerful than we realize, to create what we want to have in our lives. For me the first step is to stop fighting myself for what I truly want, and start wearing shirts (and undies – tee hee!) that say “YES” to what I want.

What are you afraid to advertise and let be known? How can you turn your desires into reality simply by saying “yes”?