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Recently I read a very simple book called “When I loved myself…”. It was a 50-page book with very simple declarations of self-love. Some of the ideas expressed made me smile. Others challenged me to think differently. Still others brought tears to my eyes. In any case, reading the book has challenged me to write and share my own list. I encourage you to do the same, and reflect on where you are at on the self love scale. I truly believe this is one of the main missions of life: self-love.

When I loved myself…
I stopped letting others write my “life script” for me and make assumptions about who I am.
I started to eat healthy.
I enjoyed quiet time with just me, myself and I.
I started swimming daily.
I laughed long and loud. Just because.
I stopped chasing people for attention and started giving myself what I was lacking.
I chose work that paid me first in terms of respect and appreciation, secondly in terms of income.
I started to tell people what my beliefs and preferences are, and became okay with it when they disagreed.
I whistled more.
I loved my body unconditionally, and started wearing fitted, rather than frumpy clothing.
I gave myself manicures and pedicures.
I used my voice in presentations and workshops to help others see their innate wholeness and beauty.
I believed I was worthy. Just because I am me.
I thanked God more in my prayers, and asked for less.
I let go of the small stuff – who cares if my floors are dirty, I can still have company. :)
I gave up my TV and internet, and started reading and writing more.
I let go of goals, and let life show me my next step.
I became ok with staying in the moment and enjoying stillness.
I drank more water and ate more fruit and vegetables.
I hugged people more often, till “their stuffing came out” (translation: really tightly…) :)
I missed my dad less, as I began “talking” to him more and listening to his wisdom, that still lives inside me.
I sang more. I started leaving singing voice mails for friends.
I became more attracted to calm people. The drama becomes less and less appealing.
I dusted less and played outside more.
I paid myself first, and bought more treats.
I used silence as a response – and listened more.
I gave more time and less money to things and people I believe in.
I fully believed Maya Angelou’s statement: People show you the first time, what they are about. It is up to me to decide if I want to see a repeat performance.
I danced like no one was watching.
I let my creativity come out more.
I wrote silly stories about talking rubber chickens and boring baked potatoes, to make friends smile and laugh.
I let more of the true me shine through the masks and fears that myself and others put on me over the years.
I stopped enabling others, and encouraged them to walk their own journey.
I said “I love you” more often.
I was freer to express all of my emotions, thereby allowing others to take that freedom for themselves.
I feel safe wherever I go.

Will you challenge yourself to make this a personal exercise, and see where you have grown in self-love?

Love transcends the world and those in it,
for it is sparked in the soul
and that can never be lost.
– Jacob Labossiere –