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You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart – Author Unknown
When I was a little girl, my Dad and I would dance every Saturday morning. These hours with him were magical. When we danced, I was transported from the clutzy, physically awkward gal who fell all the time, to graceful and poised. All the messages that told me I was different, melted away when Dad would waltz with me all over red shag carpet in the living room.
Every time I felt myself teetering, Dad would gently pull me upright and smile. There were no mis-steps, only opportunities to continue on. It wasn’t until recently that I realized the true gift of those dance lessons with my dad. Self-confidence. I didn’t have to be perfect – I only had to try, and keep going.
Today, whenever the opportunity comes up to dance, I am the first one on the dance floor. I love the freedom I feel when I am letting my body just move and be expressive. There is freedom in letting go of my physical reality, and letting my spirit be open to the music. In these moments, I truly feel whole, and beautiful.
The dance lessons were the seed for me to realize that I can be exactly who I am in every moment. For years I apologized in different ways for not being perfect. Reflecting back on the dancing with my dad, I realize I don’t have to apologize for being “different”, on a physical level. I can celebrate my differences and appreciate them in others.

What things are you apologizing for in your life? How can you use simple childhood experiences to bring you back to the beauty and wholeness of who you are? Think back, and celebrate the small moments that planted seeds of confidence, and self-acceptance.