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Gratitude for many things this year:
For friends who have stuck by me over the years and taught me so many things.
For the transformative power of forgiveness.
For laughter… till I nearly fell off my chair, or really needed a Depends.
For memories of loved ones, who are no longer here.
For a growing sense that I am ok just as I am.
For family and the power of reconciliation.
For tears as I grow through the hard times.
For smiles when I am through the hard times, and stronger for it.
For emails that come to me at the right time, giving me just what I needed to read.
For friends and connections that are back in my life. You re-entered at the exact time I needed you there.
For the simple realization that giving at Christmas does not have to mean gifts.
For my weight loss group who have stood by me as I learned to appreciate who I am regardless of the number on the scale.
For those who encourage my crazy side and let me be silly and childlike.
For my serenity hour in the pool every day, and the warm water that absorbs my daily stress.
For friends and acquaintances in Toastmasters who inspire me to give more and be more in speeches, and in life.
For those who have inspired me to pursue new dreams and push forward toward them, even when, and especially when, I am scared.
For the gift of people’s time and energy when I needed it most.
For opportunities to love and give back what has been so freely given to me.

For all of you who take the time to read my thoughts here – I appreciate it.

Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday with love, happiness and success in 2012.

What are you grateful for this Christmas, and how can you carry that through the next year?