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Liz van Reenen envisions a world with people in it who are accessible. Accessible people are people who recognize their own power and use it daily in their own journeys, to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams.
Vision Statement:
To live in a society that believes disability is a state of mind, not a physical condition.

Mission Statement:
To create an “accessible” workforce and larger society through disability sensitivity training.

Value Statement:
When you hear one of Liz’s presentations you will embrace the human experience with humor. You will believe that “disability” is just a state of mind.

Personal Background:
Liz draws upon her life experience as a woman with a disability to challenge and transform stereotypes that surround disability.

Liz uses her sense of humor to communicate her belief that disability is a state of mind. Liz demonstrates through personal life examples how she has always challenged the status quo.

Professional Background:
Liz has worked for disability organizations such as the Consulting Committee on the Status of Women with Disabilities as a workshop coordinator.

As co-editor of Disability International Magazine, Liz used her editing and graphic design background to get the core message of ability out to the public, on an international level.

Liz currently owns her own communications business, and is a member of Toastmasters International and an affiliate of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.