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Self care

You can’t give what you don’t have. How very true is that? If I am running around giving my energy to everyone and everything around me, I eventually lose me. I’ll be “3-effed” before too long — frazzled, frustrated and fed-up. We are taught to give to others, but how many of us give to […]

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Accepting and loving ourselves is the best gift we can give to ourselves, and to others. Meditate on these phrases, and it may shift your thinking around appreciating, loving and accepting certain aspects of yourself. Without self-love and acceptance, the limits we see in our relationships with others may never change for the better. We […]

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I am enough….

When we affirm the positive – it can only grow. Here is an affirmation I wrote for myself to keep the good in the forefront. I am enough. I am good enough, smart enough, and beautiful enough just as I am. I let go of negative thoughts and breathe in the love that life has […]

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How would it feel to fully and completely accept yourself for who you are right in this very moment? We are all works in progress, learning as we go, to fully love ourselves and others. To fully love others, we owe it to ourselves to not only love our positive sides, and all the wonderful […]

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