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From Grief to Gratitude

A workshop for parents of children with disabilities.

After reading the title of this workshop you might be thinking: “Gratitude? What the heck are you talking about? How can I possibly be grateful for this happening to my child? Grateful is definitely not where I am at!”

Gratitude doesn’t happen over night. It is a process. Through the healing effects of time, perseverance, and acquiring new tools, we can turn grief into gratitude. All things that happen in life can be seen as good in the long run.

Attendees will learn about the grieving process and apply it to their experiences as parents of children with disabilities. The effects of the grieving process will also be explored from the child’s view as well.
Learn about:
• normalizing the grief you feel
• identifying core beliefs about disability that affect you and your child
• identifying myths about disability and determining the reality
• effects of grief on the marital relationship
• tools: labeling and communicating our feelings, journaling techniques, visualization, dream boards, self care techniques, accessing community supports and building strong support systems.

I did everything right….. what happened?
A workshop for parents faced with the challenge of raising a child with a disability. Empowerment tools for new parents – Find Programs for Your Child, Take Care of Yourself, Avoid Pity, Decide How to Deal With Others, Keep Daily Routines as Normal as Possible; Remember That This is Your Child; Recognize That You Are Not Alone.
The workshop will give parents tools to cope with the stresses involved in raising a child with a disability. ie: self-care methods, communication skills with healthcare professionals; communication with friends and families, keeping the disability in perspective, dealing with your larger social network; assertiveness when asking for what you need. Demystifying the disability and asking for sensitivity from others whom you are in contact with.