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Workshop Topics – Workplace
“I am Accessible” — Embracing Diversity in the Workplace
Accessibility — it’s more than just moving office furniture and widening doors! The “I am Accessible” workshop is a human resource tool designed to explore various disability issues in the workplace. Make a good impression from the first contact with potential employees, in the job interview. Maximize your team’s productivity, by encouraging diversity in the workplace. Are your products and services accessible? Are you capturing the market and spending power of people with disabilities? Come to the I am Accessible workshop and learn how diversity can boost your company’s productivity and market presence.
Customer Service for People with Disabilities:
Disability etiquette for varying degrees and classifications of disability, tailored to those who serve the public. Disabilities discussed will include, (and is not limited to) mobility impairments, hearing and vision loss, people of short stature, people with invisible disabilities, people who ‘look different’. Emphasis on creating a positive service experience for everyone, with disability etiquette in mind. Products and services will be looked at, and participants encouraged to find workable solutions for people with disabilities.
Myths about People with Disabilities in the Workplace:
Getting beyond the myths in the workplace will not only benefit workers with disabilities, but also your entire staff team’s productivity.  Creating a culture of diversity and learning about the reality of disability can open doors to a diverse staff team with better morale.
Job Skills for People with Disabilities:
This workshop is a powerful tool for those struggling with finding employment because of disability related issues. Whether you have a long term disability or you are recently dealing with employment issues because of a disability, this workshop can provide you with skills and resources to increase your confidence and employability. Topic areas include: the job interview, your resumé, disclosing a disability, proactively dealing with employer attitudes, creating your ability mindset – building self confidence and self esteem.

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